Full Service Commercial Property Management at Your Fingertips.

As a self storage owner or developer, you can benefit from Investment Real Estate Management, LLC providing full-service commercial property management at your facility. We deal with the daily challenges of commercial property management, while you enjoy the benefits of self storage ownership. Operating a self storage property requires specialized knowledge in many areas including accounting, human resources, state lien laws, auction procedures, retail operations, marketing, maintenance, financial auditing and budgeting. IREM handles all of these details so you can rest assured your investment is in good hands.

Marketing Your Facility.

Does your facility stand out in a sea of competition?

Whether you need a fresh brochure design, help with your slogan or digital marketing assistance – IREM can help you develop and implement successful self storage marketing strategies that affect your bottom line. You want your facility to stand out above your competitors. We can make that happen because we understand current marketing and design trends. Our marketing experts have a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing including website, SEO, email marketing and social media, as well as traditional strategies such as business-to-business and direct mail. Plus, we know how to blend the two channels into a proper marketing plan for your success. We work with both new and existing facilities and will get you (and keep you) moving in the right direction.

Website Development and Maintenance.

What does your website say about your facility?

Your website should give potential customers the confidence to take the next step and contact you – and ultimately rent a storage unit at your facility. Your site should also show up in search results online when people search for storage in your area. We can optimize your existing website for SEO, or help you create a new one that represents your self storage facility properly.

Do you currently have a blog that provides tenants and prospects with valuable information? If you don’t, you should. We can professionally write industry-specific blogs for you and keep your website relevant and interesting. Contact us for a free evaluation and make sure your website is relevant and getting results.

Revenue Management.

Do you want guesswork to be a thing of the past?

Making decisions based on data is crucial for the success of any facility – including yours. We can help ensure your street rates are appropriate, choose the best specials to offer and manage your existing customers’ rates based on move in and move out trends. We can help guide you to proper rental rates, profitable retail sales and improved customer retention.

revenue management

Training for Your Team.

Is your team performing the best they can?

You want your employees to be the best, or maybe you already believe they are. Either way, your employees may need comprehensive training or just some refreshers to be at peak performance. Whether they need training on answering the phone, following up on leads, collecting past due rent or choosing the best street rates – we can help your employees become experts. Proper training and certification is very beneficial for your commercial property management team. Your managers are face-to-face with your tenants on a daily basis, which means they are your most effective (or least effective) marketing tool. We can make sure your employees have the best tools and guidance to succeed. Because let’s face it, your facility is only as good as your team.

Facility Operations.

Do you understand accountability, risk management, curb appeal, lead follow up, collections procedures and so on?

If you are a new facility that is just starting up or if your facility has been around for awhile – these items are crucial to your success. Are you following the lien laws, maximizing your net operating income and minimizing your risk? Are you having monthly self storage auctions and following state laws and guidelines to run them legally? An operations review analyzes this and more to ensure that your operations run smoothly and headache-free.

Complete Facility Maintenance.

Does your site give the right impression to potential customers?

Maybe your facility needs more curb appeal or you have maintenance issues that are keeping you from renting units. Our construction and maintenance experts can come in and give you a free facility maintenance analysis. Investment Real Estate Construction is comprised of a team with years of knowledge and experience in the self storage industry that prove vital to facility operations. Broken doors, pot holes, peeling paint, malfunctioning access gate – all of these can turn away potential customers and may convince current tenants to vacate. Be in the know about what your facility needs and what it will take to get it in top operational condition.

Accounting Services.

Do you have accurate bookkeeping?

Accurate bookkeeping is vital for your business. We can save you time and money by handling accounts payable, updating profit and loss statements and more. Have online access to what you need, at your fingertips.


Custom Quotes.

Not sure what services you need? Do you want a custom mix of our services but don’t require all of them? Let us build a custom quote for you based on your commercial property management needs.

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